McKendree University – College Swimming Startup – SPOTLIGHT

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McKendree University – College Swimming Startup – SPOTLIGHT

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McKendree University

LemonAid’s mission is to introduce athletes to the opportunity of a lifetime: collegiate athletics. To do so, both athletes and colleges need improved visibility, which is exactly what LemonAid delivers. As a mobile app with a free profile for each user, coaches and athletes can take the recruiting process anywhere, any time. This Spotlight series is to further enhance visibility of LemonAid members. Want your program spotlighted? Let us know!

McKendree University–Lebanon, IL

Inaugural Season: 2016-2017

Head Coach: Jimmy Tierney

Tell us about your swimming and coaching background:

I began my infatuation with the water as a young swimmer at Lakeside Swim Club in Louisville, KY. It was a wonderful environment for a young person to grow to love the sport, from the wonderfully unusual quarry setting to the outstanding success competitively at both the local and national levels. My first year as an assistant, I was a firsthand witness to the unworldly talent and success of Mary T. Meagher.

In your interview, what is the University’s vision for the program?

McKendree University prides itself on creating a culture of excellence in academics, athletics, and social service. We will strive to develop a climate within our program that will mesh with this goal of striving for excellence and producing future leaders in society. I want the University to be proud of how our athletes represent the Bearcat community as students and citizens.

What is your vision for the program?

I want to develop a strong team unit first where our athletes grow as people as well as athletes. My goal is for them to respect each other and view each team member as a vital ingredient to the future success of our program. We will teach them to value the pursuit of high goals, and hopefully to enjoy and appreciate the journey. Ultimately we hope to be one of the most respected and winningest programs in Division II.

What are some of your strongest held coaching beliefs?

TEAM is first! We will start this journey as one, and any successes (or failures) along the way will be as a team. As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I also believe in representing your University and its community with dignity and class. In the pool, I want us to develop a toughness and a burning desire to be the best.

Do you have scholarships? And if so, how many?

Yes, the McKendree University is investing tremendously in our programs. We will build to the NCAA maximum for both men and women in a few years. In addition, we have tremendous resources for academic scholarships for deserving student-athletes.

What conference are you in, and who are the other teams in it?

We are in the Great Lakes Valley Conference with schools like Drury, Truman St, Bellarmine, Missouri S&T, and many other fine schools. I believe it is one of the top 3 for swimming in all of Division II.

Let’s look out three years from now. Describe the program you have built.

Hopefully within 3 years we will be sending large squads to NCAA’s and climbing the ladder among the powerhouses in our division. I hope to already have produced numerous All-American swimmers and Academic All-Americans that will only grow each year. I want McKendree to be known around the country and swimming world as a program of excellence.

Who are you searching for? Describe your ideal recruits.

I am seeking athletes who still have a great passion for the sport. I hope to bring in swimmers and divers who still have plenty left in the tank and can find another gear in their athletic lives. I really like swimmers who are athletes, those who have played other sports growing up and now are ready to devote their attention to the pool.

How can LemonAid add value to your job, and help you build your program?

Great question. This is something I am still trying to figure out. No doubt this process here will help spread the word and sell our brand to the swimming community.

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