High School

Lemons. They’re not just a type of fruit. Colloquially, the word refers to a kind of car, the kind that’ll break down when you need it most. By their very nature, lemons are defective, untrustworthy, and inherently flawed.

They may look ok on the surface, but after a certain point, they’ll let you down. LemonAid rethinks college recruiting to suggest best fits based on characteristics you share with a college. Right swipe to like a college. Match with them when they right swipe you back. Want to see interest in advance? Upgrade and see interest before you swipe.


Verify who you are without giving it away. Login is easy with Facebook or Instagram, and your personal information is protected..


Visibility is the name of the game. Put yourself out there and give coaches the opportunity to find you. Earn badges to help your profile stand out even more.


Find your fit in the deck. LemonAid filters a potential match by how well they fit you. Match with college athletes, see coach, fans, friends, and family recommendations. All on your time, from the palm of your hand, in an effort to make the next step.


Because you’ve been at your college for a year now, and you love it. And now you see many of your old high school friends going through the same process you did—anxious, unsure about where to go.

You want to help them, and you want to help your own team. What can you do to help your high school friends (not to mention your school)? Try LemonAid. Once coach approves your profile, go ahead and find your high school LemonAid friends. And as for the recruits you don’t know, reach out, make them comfortable about visiting before they even set foot on campus. You want to help them find the same great fit that you did.