Opportunity is Everywhere

There are about 7.44 million high school aged athletes in this country, and about 6% of them will compete in college. Are we to assume that the other 94% were all inherently flawed? Unlikely.


NCAA Divisions I and II provide more than $3B annually in athletic scholarships to more than 150,000 student athletes. D-I schools must have at least seven sports each for men & women or six for men/eight for women, with at least two team-sports for each gender.


The 185,000 NCAA Division III student-athletes do not receive athletic related financial aid, but they instead often receive academic or need based financial aid similar to other students on campus.


NAIA Institutions add in another $450M in scholarships for approximately 70,000 student athletes. Those athletes make up over 40% of the student body at NAIA schools. LemonAid is proud to be the preferred mobile recruiting app of the NAIA.


Junior and community colleges, trade and technical schools all have athletic opportunities. Spend 2 years growing as a student athlete and take your journey to the next level. Or graduate and take your new skills to the workforce.

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