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    Of the ~400,000 student-athletes competing in college sports, more than 190,000 student-athletes receive ~$3.5 billion in athletic scholarships each year from NCAA & NAIA member colleges/universities.

    Recommend a college for your favorite athlete. When you drag and drop profiles in LemonAid, the conversation gets started.

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    Last year 29M fans attended a college sporting event. Share the experiences that keep you coming back with those looking to attend.

    Every swipe matters. LemonAid college rankings include fan input when recommending colleges to prospective student athletes.

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    70,000 student athletes compete at NAIA member schools. And athletes make up nearly 40% of the overall student body.

    Gameday is more fun when your classmates are there cheering for you. Stack the deck with LemonAid.


For family and friends to those who simply love college sports and their teams. LemonAid is customized to help family, friends, and fans enjoy college sports.

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    According to the NCAA, student athletes graduate at a higher overall rate (~85%) than their peers (~64%).

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    From 2005 to 2012, academic spending at institutions in the NCAA FBS, grew 6% per student, while spending per athlete grew 43% and 76% per football player.

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    Psychological safety: Can we take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed?

    Dependability: Can we count on each other?

    Clarity: Are goals, roles, and execution plans clear?

    Meaningful: Are we working on something that is personally important?

    Impactful: Do we believe what we’re doing matters?

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