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How can LemonAid help?

College recruiting can be overwhelming. Let us introduce you.

Swipe Suggestions

There are hundreds if not thousands of colleges offering your sport. Complete your free custom profile for personalized recommendations. Swipe right to favorite. Upgrade to match and message.

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Advance Notice

Your coaches and fans know you best. If you're missing recommendations, tap a card to view Lemonaid suggestions in depth. Upgrade to see college interest before you swipe right.

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Video Profile

Your coaches can share validated performances or upload and share your own to show off your skills. Upgrade to add performance video and showcase your card in the deck.

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College Rankings

Every swipe matters. Every match is a boost. And suggestions depend upon it. Upgrade to see more in depth analyses.

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Social Media Assist

LemonAid partnered with IBM Watson™ to bring you a social media score for your online presence. How are colleges viewing you?

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Special Events

On hand or in 360°. Meet coaches and athletes who will help you improve.

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LemonAid Plus

for a sweeter experience

  • View and message matches
  • Video on your profile card
  • See interest before swiping
  • Multi-sport athlete option
  • Validate your recruiting profile